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Welcome to Goo2!

We are currently working on adding CSS to our website. Feel free to look around.

Goo has gone Linux!

 Check out the linux link in the upper right corner. Recently, one of our editors, Programming Master, has put a lot of work into his review of the Cinnamon Linux Mint Operating System. Feel free to check it out. Expect more updates soon!


Goo$ is all about all the code. If you're interested in programming, you should try it out.

Knights of the Periodic Table

Created by four high school students for a T.S.A. (Technology Student Association), this is an interactive quiz about the periodic table!

Click here to play!

New Look!

We are using CSS styling to make our website look more sleek and modern. We are starting with a basis off of bootstrap. Click here to learn more about it.

Along with this styling, we are calling ourselves Goo2. If you want to see the old Goo. Click on archives.


We will soon have a section of our website devoted to the Peabody Club. We do not have anything currently, but will be working on this soon. Don't worry if you're not a member, because you will be able to sign up online once this is up.

UPDATE: There is now a page for the Peabody Club, but there really is nothing of interest. If you are currently a member of the peabody club, you may want to try it out.

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