How To Make A Web Site
You Can Make One To

This is called html. The h stans for hyper .The t stans for text.The m stans for markup .And last but not lest l is for language.
Allways at the top you have to put <html>If you want it to say anything at the top of the page typ thisAfrica Page</a> to see a map of africa <p> You can <a href="cheetah.htm">click here</a> to see the cheetah page. <a href="index.html">Main Page</a> This is rily how to make a web site.There is a html referince that talls the computer wate it needs to do. You can also put pictures on your web site I put cheetahs on my cheetah page. <p> When you went to put a space some place in your web page.Then you put one of these and tipe p and then put one of these. And there you go. <br> You can do a www. web page. The first W stands for world. The next 2 stand for wide and web. I said it in order. <p> If you use a < and a command, then a > to end it... <p> For example, here is how you center things <pre> <center>This is centered.</center> </pre> shows up like this <br> <center>This is centered.</center> <table width="100%" border="0"> <tr> <td align="center"><<<</td> <td align="center">>>></td> </tr> </table> <hr> This is how you make a link. <br> Start with the "<tt>a</tt>" command like this: <br> <tt><font color="blue"><b><a </b></font></tt> <br> then add a hypertext reference command: <br> <tt><a <font color="blue"><b>href="</b></font></tt> <br> then put in the web page address you want: <br> <tt><a href="<font color="blue"><b></b></font></tt> <br> (don't forget the "<tt><b>http://</b></tt>" part) <br> and finish that part of the command: <br> <tt><a href="<font color="blue"><b>"></b></font></tt> <br> Now you have to decide what text to show in the link: <br> <tt><a href=""><font color="blue"><b>Some Text link!</b></font></tt> <br> and then finish the command by turning off the "<tt>a</tt>" part: <br> <tt><a href="">Some Text link!<font color="blue"><b></a></b></font></tt> <p> This is what it looks like when it is done: <br> <a href="">Some Text link!</a> <p> That's it. </body></html>