Lions and also jaguars are predators of the cheetah. Cheetahs are endangered. Cheetahs live in Africa. As you can see cheetahs like to site on mounds. They are yellow because they need to hide in the grass. The grass is yellow in Africa. I like cheetahs. Cheetahs have tear liens on their face. There are a lot of animals in Africa, gazelles, elephants, rhinoceros and, warthogs. There are two seasons the dry season and the wet season.


Cheetahs live in the end of the dry and the season and the wet season. Cheetahs are fast; they run 75 miles per hour.



Cheetahs have extremely keen eyesight and hunt mostly by sight. Cheetahs eat gazelles and other

deer in Africa.









At the end of a cheetah’s tail are white and black stripes.

                                            On  cheetahs chests is a  

                                            A white marking  that goes  to its thigh. When cheetahs run their is a bump  

On  their bake. In Africa the grass is logh.







The king cheetah has three thick lings on its back. King cheetahs are very rare kind of cheetah.



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